Cointelegraph does not care about you

Cointelegraph as a media source does not care about you. They have a few news sources and a few writers and One graphics artist who post all their news. They will sell advertising to absolutely anybody they do not care if it’s legitimate or not. Cointelegraph is a News website just like any other press media website. They are not in the cryptocurrency realm they are not vested like we are. They could care less what goes up and what goes down they are just like your old time Grandpa’s newspaper.

Coindesk is now doing the same thing they use Google double click media to do banner ads for scam Ponzi schemes such as the old bitpetite or laser online they do not care who they put out for advertising. You better watch yourself when you invest into something off of a banner ad from these companies like cointelegraph they’re not actually in the cryptocurrency world it’s just a graphics artist and hired publishers. They do not care if you make money or lose money they do not care what they advertise you could buy $100,000 worth of advertising all they care about is money.

Let this be a lesson to you all. We will eventually take over all their traffic. We have already taken away thousands of search engine visitors per month. We are actually in the cryptocurrency world. Sign up for our newsletter and we will leak you information to make you money.

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