Bitcoin Cash and the Korean trade influence

So the news is out about Bitcoin cash. It’s a pump and dump. It’s price manipulation at its best there’s nothing more that can be said about this matter. Roger ver and Jihan Wu wanted to make a cryptocurrency that they could profit from just like anyone else would do if they were at their level. If you had 20 million dollars you would do the same thing.

The mining power is now back into Bitcoin and we will see a rise in Bitcoins price I wonder if it will jump past $8000. please remember to sign up for our mailing list because we are revealing a money-making cryptocurrency coin for tomorrow that is going to make a lot of people a lot of money.

Jihan Wu is the co-founder of bitmain they Supply the world with computer mining power to mine Bitcoin. It is literally a civil war between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash the update from right now is that two of the biggest supporters of the coin have affected Korea’s trading immensely which has in turn affected the price. Kyle samani managing partner of multicoin capital wrote in a message there were lots of Bitcoin cash whales who are in early on bitcoin who are waiting to see what could happen with two x now they’re making their move.

We agree with him now that segwit2x isn’t happening people want to make a move to make their money such as Rodger ver he put 24000 Bitcoin into bitfenix 9 hours ago they named him Bitcoin Jesus. If they named him Bitcoin Jesus we want to be a Bitcoin Rabbi with a Yamaka.

The original gangsters believe in Bitcoin as digital cash and not as gold wrote samani and they’re sick of core he said referring to bitcoin core the people behind the programming of Bitcoin.

In our opinion Bitcoin core is doing the banks work and that’s not good for Bitcoin. You’ll see various pumps over the next year of Bitcoin cash.


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