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OK Cash Coin new developer and partnership with Minecraft, CS GO

Update the news is out that they got a new developer and partnered with minecraft and CSGO to do payments. The news will probably be out with their birthday month that they will be listed on poloniex.

Update: More good news for OK cash, they are doing a deal with CSGO and the company behind Minecraft the game. This was just translated from an Asian language:

In 2017, OKCASH’s economic circle expanded into the rapid development of the fast lane. OKCASH community today announced the results and progress made recently, and some major changes are about to happen in the future.

OKCASH has set up a dedicated OKCASH game server in MINECRAFT (My World) and CSGO (the world’s most popular fair shooting online game). The other, heavier message is that we are about to become the hottest game in the world – FIFA and League of Legends (LOL) tournament organizers and tournament sponsors!

We are currently working on developing a huge transaction payment system and are already negotiating details with our stakeholders. The payment system in the future will be applied in the “My World” and CSGO payment system of these world’s top games.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, we are also moving forward with an introductory scheme that serves primarily trading equipment and props for all types of games (similar to the current fire STEAM). Currently, we have established close cooperation with many famous Youtube hosts, their influence will play an important role in this field of communication and have a profound impact!

We hope that every sister and sister of OK community can make positive and constructive suggestions to help the community develop better and faster! You no matter what kind of suggestions, you can leave a message in the forum below, welcome to speak freely!,2144.0.html


We have also created:, the exclusive mall for OKCASH, where you can purchase items including OKCASH and other electronic currencies: skin boxes such as CSGO, Amazon’s Gift Cards, and other interesting Fun stuff


These are the plans for our development in the coming months. We will promptly update the implementation status and implementation progress of each of the above projects in time for you. We are always immersed in the OKCASH research and development and promotion of fun, step by step solid toward the future.

Along the way, thank you!

Official Website:

Translation: OKCASH Chinese community than Xiong Jun
Editing: OKCASH Chinese community flower and bird webmaster

Disclaimer: This article is to promote information, the article content and the bit era without any connection, the article point of view does not represent the bit era view, does not constitute the bit era investment advice!



Previous reporting

OK Cash is soaring in price thanks to the news that it is going on Poloniex tomorrow November 13th. Thankfully we had over $50,000 into OK Cash at 5600 satoshis. We will update our sell position now to over 20,000 satoshis does this seem reasonable? Please comment below with your trading strategy for the news that OK Cash is being listed on Poloniex for Monday November 13th on eastern standard time.

It is currently listed on bittrex and it’s market cap is around 22 million at the time of writing this. We can only imagine how many millions are going to pour into this thing on the release of this news alone. The last time we released a news article like this 22 million dollars poured into the coin. That is happening again tomorrow when we reveal news about another coin. For now it is Ok Cash that is having a birthday surprise in 19 hours. Strap in folks we are going to the moon.

When we give out informative leaks like this people tend to listen as seen by the graphic below. We are doing it again tomorrow November 13th at 11am EST.


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