Hush Coin To Be Listed On Bittrex

Update: November 28th, 2017

We have word that the exchange listing is coming in December sometime. It seems they have pushed it back to the month of December.

We have news about a coin that we have personally followed for the last 6 months it has gone up in value the whole time. It was leaked to us that Hush Coin is going to be listed on Bittrex at the end of November. Around November 25th, 2017. They are just now signing the deal. There is  wonderful technology behind it. This is amazing news a coin that has around a 5 million dollar market cap will turn into 25 million dollars in a few months and then 50 million. The potential is absolutely endless.  We could see a 5x just like other privacy coins that have been at $1.00 before.  This coin is going on a major exchange by the end of November. That major exchange turns out to be Bittrex.

“Screen shot showing exchange listing as the next step!” Hush Coin

Right now this coin is listed on cryptopia and is sitting at a 3 million dollar market cap. It is a privacy coin with amazing value and upside potential. We have found out that the deal is being done and the coin Hush coin will be listed on bittrex soon! As you know we have leaked news here at bittox we try to be the TMZ of cryptocurrency news breaking live up-to-the-minute factual information for you to make money. Imagine buying a coin right now that is at $1 and within a few months that coin is potentially worth sixty times that.

You can buy Hush Coin on Cryptopia currently here.

More information about Hush Coin

What is Hush?

Hush is a private implementation of the “Zerocash” protocol forked from [Zcash].

Based on Bitcoin’s code, it intends to offer a far higher standard of privacy through a sophisticated zero-knowledge proving scheme that preserves confidentiality of transaction metadata.

Hush Trusted Setup

Hush trusted setup follows the same setup provided by the Zcash team. We do not have any keys to create coins from thin air.

Zcash held a ceremony where the individuals holding shards of the private key destroyed it.

Why Hush?

We believe there aren’t enough currencies out there where the development team listens to the community, where the development team are open for suggestions and discussions.

That’s why we believe Hush will be a successful currency over a long-term view because of the communication between the community and the developers.

We will always consider your thoughts and ideas if they are beneficial for Hush as currency and as a community.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized from governments but if the community can’t be a part of any decisions, is it really decentralized?

With Hush your voice always matters, your contributions are always appreciated and we are always grateful for any kind of support.

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