Operation Dragon Slayer Starts Saturday

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The following text shared among TG groups as rumor.
“This is a message from an insider. I am a member of Chinese whales community. I cannot provide any proofs nor open my identity but I cannot allow myself to stand and watch for the greatest theft from poor and reputation destruction of blockchain based cryptocurrency to happen.
I have been informed of major Bitcoin manipulation taking place in order to compromise Bitcoin security and reliability. A group of coordinated Chinese investors have a plan to pump Bitcoin to 10000 USD after which they plan on coordinated crash of Bitcoin to sub 1000 levels because they have already taken their fiat money out and replaced them with margin tether traiding. It will not cost them a dollar. They will push Bitcoin below the demand levels.
The situation with Bitfinex and Tethers is legitimate but it is a distraction. Inflated amount of Tethers are not a source of money used for Pump. Bitcoin is the source.
For some reason community accepted 20 Billion dollar appearance out of thin air which is the market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash as the natural process. It is not natural. These artificial money are currently used to cash out Chinese investors and pump original Bitcoin to 10000 USD without taking any losses.
Shortly after Bitcoin crash below 1000 USD they plan to introduce Bitcoin Cash as a true Bitcoin and necessary replacament which is not inflated and then reject Tether pairings. This is why Bitcoin Cash price is stabilized at 1000 USD as was price of original Bitcoin in January 2017.
This is the operation Dragonslayer in it’s final stage. They have created billion of dollars with Bitcoin hardforks and use Tether as a tool to artificially bump Bitcoin price cash out their money and coordinate total collapse.
Please be careful as next month will be very unstable”
Note: Unknown source, post circulating on Telegram!

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