Kore Coin Rising, But What Is It?

So Korecoin is gaining some momentum today, some of the information about this coin is:

Digital currency started with Bitcoin and  is a new way of determining the authenticity of a transaction via a  consensus on a secure network. This removes two otherwise necessary  middlemen, banks and governments. The currencies are minted and  authenticated by the network securely and publicly.  Because of this, no individual or group  has more access to transaction data than the public, and without  middlemen, the costs are fractions of the current standard.

So so far there is nothing really different than any other crypto. However when you go to the services you see 3 main interesting services on the work:

  • VoIP – Voice over IP or a skype-like service
  • POB – Something called Proof of Burn, which is like a one time transaction
  • Marketplace called Korebay
  • Koresurf, some sort of VPN-Tor anonymous browsing

While I am not blown away, I can consider this a good proposal, and I think they already have a product which is a good thing. Is only a matter to see if people will follow. Is a good idea to combine Crypto with internet services, just like Emercoin do.

However at a continouse increase in price for a few days now, I think is a nice bubble, that goes beyond shitcoin status, however it’s volume still pretty minimal at 52k dls of marketcap. So still dust, however I have gain some good profitability here so far.


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