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Nucleus Vision- Blockchain embracing Internet-of-Things

An in-depth ICO analysis.


How frequently do you shop online and when was the last time have you walked into a retail store? Well, if you haven’t observed already, market research shows that sales from retail stores aka brick and mortar stores are declining. With the advent of e-commerce and online shopping, brick and mortar store’s sales have taken a hit. Lack of added incentives to the customers in these stores is one of the main reasons for the decline. Furthermore, retail stores can’t extract customer data as efficiently as online stores which have the power of cookies to track customer preferences and ads. This gives retail stores a lower hand in this competitive sector.

Nucleus Vision handles this gap between the two sectors pretty neatly.It uses the best of IoT(Internet of Things)devices and blockchain to deliver a perfect ecosystem of data and authorization. The growing data and information regarding user behavior are capitalized by Nucleus Vision, this provides both value to the customers as well as the retailers. Allow me to use some technical jargon to explain what nucleus does in a more elaborate fashion — Nucleus Vision is an end-to-end technology solution which aims to tap into the unaccessed data. Of course, targeting the brick and mortar stores is just the first step towards adoption of this technology. Nucleus Vision has plans to expand it’s technology to security, agriculture, healthcare, transportation and smart homes.

How does it do it?

First and foremost, the question at hand is how does Nucleus Vision pull this entire customer-retailer relationship off? Nucleus Vision has state of the art patent pending ION Sensor. This sensor is capable of detecting a customer or an entity using RF technology. Added to the ION Sensor, Nucleus Vision has an entire patent pending ecosystem — the agnostic single sign-on authentication, a dynamic pricing model and a probabilistic device-matching mechanism that predicts a customer’s preferences. In the middle of all this comes the nCash token, an integral part of the Nucleus Ecosystem. nCash is the currency used in this ecosystem. It works as a way to reward customers whenever they walk into a store, purchase items or authorize sharing of his/her data across a chain of Nucleus partnered retail stores.

We can understand the entire ecosystem using the following example — Alice walks into the store, the ION sensors recognize her and awards her nCash tokens for her interest in the store. The retailer requests more information about Alice’s preferences.  Alice then gets notified of this request and on authorization, she is rewarded nCash tokens. Meanwhile, the retailer get’s the preferences and other valuable information to build a tailor-made product and price chart using the Neuron intelligence platform. It is a win-win situation for both Alice and the retailer. All this information about the customer is securely stored in the Orbit Blockchain. This is where the flow of data happens.


Retail sales account for over 28 Trillion USD, with increasing competition from online marketplaces, there is a slump in retail sales happening over brick and mortar stores. One of the main reason for this downfall is increased convenience and decreased incentives for people to shop from retail stores. Nucleus aims to solve the incentivization and customer experience with tailor-made loyalty programs. A small portion of the market captured by Nucleus Vision would be an exponential increase in the capitalization of this project.

About the team, investors, advisers, and partnerships

From a team from Harvard Business School to the likes of one of the biggest capital funds, Nucleus Vision has it all. The CEO and Founder, Abhishek Pitti is a Harvard Business School drop out, who went on to build Nucleus Vision, The CTO, and Blockchain lead — Avinash Pitti (Illinois Institute of Technology) and Ausuf S. Ahmed(MIT) respectively have very competent academic and professional backgrounds as well.

What really makes Nucleus Vision stand out from other ICOs is the confidence and backing it enjoys from the most prominent investors and capital funds. Tim Draper, known for his investments in Skype, Hotmail and bitcoin is one of the early investors in Nucleus Vision. Reliance Capital, which actively manages assets worth 60 Billion USD, Intel Capital, Indea Capital and IndusAge Global Capital are all invested in Nucleus Vision as well. This surely goes on to say that institutional players at large are hedging on the success of this project.

Leaving the team and investors aside, a project needs sound mentorship and advisory to be successful. If we look at the record of all successful start-ups like Facebook and Dropbox, both had strong mentors to guide them. The advisers/mentors of Nucleus Vision hold lead positions in their field of careers and could give a holistic guidance to the team. The advisers of Nucleus include successful VCs, professors from Harvard Business School, Marketing heads of successful firms and prominent figures in the blockchain space.

Nucleus Vision also boasts of partnerships with some of the biggest telecom industries in the world like Vodafone, Idea and Reliance Telecom.


In all projects related to cryptocurrencies, the community has had a major role and impact on the future of the project. With that, Nucleus Vision has a relatively small but growing and optimistic community.

Telegram members — 1300 at the time of writing

Reddit — 85 readers at the time of writing

Twitter — 1539 followers


Nucleus Vision is targeting a space that has been neglected for quite long. Furthermore, if it goes on to expand its base into security, healthcare, agriculture and transportation, the adoption and hence the capitalization of Nucleus Vision would soar. This is one of kind project in the crypto space with a product already in the market. If not mentioned before, Nucleus has already set up its sensors in a few retail stores in India to test their product. The only concern is the huge supply of nCash tokens and the hard cap of the ICO. $62 million is a little over the average money raised for any ICO, but yet again this is not an average project.

ICO start date — 2018 Q1

Token supply — 10 billion nCash tokens

Hard cap — 125k ETH

Hold recommendation — Very High

flip recommendation — High


official Nucleus Vision Website — https://nucleus.vision/

official ANN — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2455575

profile — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1041838





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