Caratz – Bridging Social Media and Cryptocurrencies

How Caratz will revolutionize the accessibility of Cryptocurrency

Most people would agree that the most notable feature of cryptocurrency is its implementation as an actual currency. So far this has yet to happen, but the best way to achieve this is to enable access for third-world countries. Unfortunately, there are a lot of barriers that prevent this.

Until now, wallet implementation has included complex wallet setups, often accompanied by confusing user interfaces. Only those with experience using computers and blockchain have been able to utilize this technology.

Introducing Caratz.

Caratz is a transaction proxy & cryptocurrency exchange to enable cross-platform token transfers, directly through social media. It will supports a number of ERC-20 token along with Caratz, and enables users to make transactions without ever leaving their social media apps. The Caratz platform can also be used to trade cryptocurrency pairs, integrated into a decentralized exchange.

A user like you or I can open a number of social media apps (Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, Discord and Twitch) and access our wallets that support a number of different ERC-20 assets. Users can then make transactions with one another, or trade currencies with other individuals.

Let’s say certain individuals want to trade tokens and files with one another. Using the built-in Caratz escrow system, both users can review their trade before both sides confirming and pushing the order through. The Caratz ecosystem allows users to have a safe and secure transaction, a major issue in cryptocurrencies today.

Caratz will also have a whitelisted registry for marketplaces and channels to share posts and advertise products. This registry will be powered by the Caratz tokens, allowing creators to burn their tokens, and users to allocate tokens to boost credibility rankings.

Most of the applications today are focused only on English, but Caratz will support over 20 languages from the largest countries in the world. They are aware of the global impact of cryptocurrencies, and the amount of accessibility that comes with multiple language support.

Please remember, this is a very simplified example of what Caratz is capable of, to learn more check out their various social media.

Website: https://caratz.io
Telegram: https://t.me/CaratzChat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaratzTeam
Medium: https://medium.com/@caratz/
Contact: public@caratz.io

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