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Quick Trade Tip – Zcash (ZEC)

When Zcash (ZEC) run started last year, it went on for 2 full months. Normally, these coins tend to shot up for a short while and then retrace quickly and consolidate for long. Big altcoins, such as Zcash, tend to go on longer bull runs and this one is starting to show some massive action.

ZEC also does some pretty wild price swings, which is great for swing traders.

Zcash (ZEC) Trade Analysis

Zcash started moving on the 14th May, a really strong breakout. After three positive days there was a retrace, I was hoping to see the price consolidating a bit in order to wait for a strong entry point, but ZEC started moving again, and lots of our supporters and readers contacted me asking for the details to trade this coin. Let’s do it, let’s take a look at ZEC.


Let’s start with the events:

– Gemini Exchange Listing (19 May) DONE.
– Network Upgrade 0 (30 June).
– Network Upgrade 1 (30 September).


Buy in: 0.0329 – 0.0448

Zcash (ZEC) target:

(1) 0.0523
(2) 0.0590
(3) 0.0653
(4) 0.0743
(5) 0.0863
(6) 0.1023

(*) 0.1696 (All Time High)

Stop loss: 0.0292.



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