The Fastest Growing Crypto Exchange Has A Network Token To Secure It’s Fully Decentralized Network Of DAPPS

IDEX increases active users by 50,000 since April an increase of 50%!

  • Consistently ranks as the #1 Dapp in the world by volume, users, and transaction count. (source: DappRadar)
  • IDEX process approximately 40,000 transactions per day—roughly 70% more transactions than all other Dapps combined.

The IDEX exchange is taking the cryptocurrency industry by storm. Now they want your help to secure one of the fastest growing networks. The Aurora DAO is considered the complete platform. It has the exchange called IDEX and plans to build out the platform of a fully decentralized banking system of DAPPS.

The Aurora DAO token is called Aura Coin. This is what controls DAPPS like Idex and all of their banking and financial tools being built. Things are shaping up quite nicely for the Aurora Dao team. Their IDEX exchange platform has gained 50% users since just April. Now IDEX handles 150,000 users and just yesterday did 40,000 transactions. Do you remember Binance Coin (BNB) around last summer when it was just created. Do you remember when the price of BNB was around $1 to $2? Imagine when we see Auro Coin gaining eight million dollars in market cap. It would do a 3x in just six short months. That is wishful thinking but with this explosive growth is looks to be happening already. If this is what happens already with bitcoin being in a slump we have high hopes for the Aurora DAO team.

We must look at the competition from Crypterium to Sugar Exchange the Aurora DAO definitely ranks right at the top along with Crypterium.  The current trend of utility tokens that actually have a purpose and function at this stage of the game are exchange tokens. These tokens build the very foundation of the decentralized platform. At first the platform must gain recognition and investors start buying up Aura with their BTC. It is quite fascinating how Aurora starts off with a fully functioning exchange that is raking in profit yet they travel the globe and have dedicated programming staff working on the platform every single day.

You can stake the Aurora DAO’s token Auro Coin. At a later date they will have information about nodes with the possibility of investors being able to set up masternodes to secure the network. This will give each masternode of Aura coin a percent of Aura coin based on how many Aura Coin is in the wallet. Most times this is 5000 to 30,000.

With this chart we are seeing IDEX and the Aura token grow by taking thousands upon thousands of new users every month. This is absolutely exploding with growth and we are in what was thought to be the middle of explosive growth reaching a new all time high it turns out we are in just the beginning. Can you image how far this will go?

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